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The Flight

Jeremy has built a very strong team around him for this flight and his co-pilot will be Chris Clark from Five Point Aviation in Wollongong, New South Wales. There will also be a support plane flying alongside filming progress as part of the Life Challenge documentary.

By choosing to do so in a plane using full recovered from end of life plastic waste Jeremy is helping to help address the pollution of the world oceans by discarded plastics.

The flight will test Jeremy’s physical and mental endurance to the limit but he has a family history of flying with a piloting pedigree in his family that goes back to World War One.

Both pilot and plane have been put through rigorous tests. Tony Loughran, from Zerorisk International, has designed a series of mind and body bending survival courses from crash simulations to water survival, wilderness training and even a kidnapping, to prepare Jeremy for any eventuality.

Zerorisk will also be responsible for all safety support which will include fuel positioning and security and conducting risk assessments within the countries and areas Jeremy will be flying into. ZR will also be responsible for any Crisis Management response.

ZeroRisk International Pty Ltd is a boutique Security and Risk Management company based in Sydney, Australia, providing security and related services worldwide.